For the past 16 years the Sivananda Yoga Retreat House has been a destination for people seeking a spiritual environment in which to learn yoga and cultivate a healthy lifestyle.

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Yoga teacher training

The Sivananda Yoga Teachers' Training Course

You will learn how to teach classical yoga to others and bring your own practice to a new, more meaningful level.

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Yoga-Urlaub in den Bergen

Yoga vacation

Fresh mountain air, lakes for swimming, green meadows and a view of the Wild Kaiser mountain range. Immerse yourself in the integral yoga practice. You are welcome to start your yoga holidays at any time and stay as long as you wish.

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Health for Meditation

Certificate course with Swami Ramapriyananda
Meditation – The next step in the inner yoga practice

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Yoga during Pregnancy

Further Training for Yoga Teachers with Ursula Mäder (Padmavati), Berlin

Step-by-step adaptation of the asanas and pranayama as the pregnancy progresses...

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Yoga Body-Work

Further Training for Yoga Teachers

Asana exercise programmes improve one’s control over both body and breath and are complementary to all kinds of sports.

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International Day of Yoga

International Day of Yoga in the Sivananda Yoga Retreat House – activities with free admission.

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Yoga and Trauma

Certificate course with Molly (Madhavi) Birkholm, USA
Teaching Yoga and Meditation for Anxiety and Trauma

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Words as the Windows to Peace

With Deborah Bellamy, Vienna

Three introductory workshops in nonviolent communication

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Healing through Deep Relaxation

Lectures and workshops with Molly Birkholm (Madhavi), USA

Transforming trauma (PTSD) through breathing, calming yoga and Yoga Nidra meditation.

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Renew Your Energy with Yoga and Herbs

With Brigitte Addington, Germany

Mother Nature has many treasures in store for us in the wonderful Tyrolean mountains.

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Yoga and Healing Herbs

Certificate course with Brigitte Addington, Germany

Fascinating insights into herbs, hedges, trees and roots from both traditional folk medicine and modern science.

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Accessible Yoga

Certificate course with Jivana Heyman, San Francisco, California

In this practical 9-day programme you will learn how to adapt a classical asana class to the needs of students with physical disabilities or chronic illness, the elderly, and people with injuries.

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