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Yoga Shop in Reith

Yoga Shop

In the Yoga Shop in our Retreat House we gladly advise you in the selection of the appropriate yoga accessories: the most suitable cushion, yoga mats, meditation shawls, outfits and books according to your interests.

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Yoga vacation and relaxation in the Austrian Alps – the Sivananda Yoga Retreat House in Tyrol.

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Sivananda Yoga Orleans

Ashram de Yoga Sivananda
Loire Valley, France

Year-round yoga holidays only an hour from Paris. Yoga teacher trainings, seminars etc.

Christmas in France
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Sivananda Ashram Orleans

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DeCember 2013
Programmes marked with * are also recommended for yoga teachers.

Seminarhaus im Schnee Winterspaziergang Asana: der Halbmond

All topics are part of the daily schedule:

6:00 am
Morning meditation, mantra chanting and spiritual reading.
8:00 am Yoga class with energising yoga poses and breathing exercises.
10:00 am Vegetarian brunch.
Afterwards, there is time for a sauna, a massage, a walk along one of the hiking trails or sit back and read a book on the sunny terrace.
2:00 pm Workshop or lecture.
4:00 pm Yoga class. Feel your body becoming more flexible, your breath calmer and your mind clearer.
6:00 pm Vegetarian dinner.
7:30 pm Silent evening meditation and mantra chanting followed by an interesting lecture. You may like to to drink some herbal tea and retire early to bed.

During the week and at weekends we offer two sets of topics. You can participate in both at no extra charge.
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>> Special Autumn rates: Sun, 9.11 / 4pm – Fri, 12.12.2014 / 4pm

besserlebenFri 29.11 /4pm – Fri 6.12 /4pm

The complete introductory programme

Leaning and understanding Yoga – Integral theory and practice according to the latest Sivananda Yoga book.

Yoga benefits
Self-healing powers, muscles and movement, breathing and relaxation
Pose and counterpose. The classic 12 asanas with variations for beginning, intermediate and advanced students. 
Preliminary exercises, alternate nostril breathing and lung cleansing
In between relaxation and complete deep relaxation
Yoga and vegetarianism, 6-week plan for a healthy diet
Positive thinking and meditation
The art of concentration, meditation practice, 
Karma: Cause and effect

For the best results we recommend attending the entire programme.
Recommended reading:  Yoga: Your Home Practice Companion - Sivananda Yoga Centres

Mon 2.12 / 4pm – Fri 6.12 / 4pm
Yoga Lifestyle

Asanas, breathing and relaxation are developed step-by-step in yoga classes and workshops. The yoga exercise plan for busy people shows how to bring harmony and rhythm to our daily lives. The lecture topics will be ‘Developing willpower’ and ‘Inner strength through meditation’.
The cooking workshop teaches how to prepare simple meals and snacks that can be prepared quickly.

Mon 2.12 / 4pm – Fri 6.12 / 4pm*

Explanation of how the mind works and practical techniques for controlling the thoughts. The functioning of thought waves, the effects of natural energies on the mind, the principles of ethical living, thought patterns and their transformation. Human suffering and how to overcome it; practical methods for cultivating positive thoughts; gaining mastery over the mind through meditation.
Recommended reading: Meditation and Mantras by Swami Vishnudevananda,
Yoga Sutras of Patanjali by Swami Durgananda.

Fri 6.12 / 4pm – Sun 8.12 / 4pm
Sivananda Beginner’s Guide to Yoga

The proven basic guide from the Sivananda Yoga Centres
Basic principles of yoga for integral health
and overcoming stress and step-by-step relaxation.
Abdominal breathing, deep breathing and Pranayama.
Better flexibility through the Sun Salutation.
Basic postures with preliminary exercises and deep relaxation.
Introduction to concentration and meditation.
Recommended reading: Sivananda Beginner’s Guide to Yoga

Fri 6.12 / 4pm – Sun 8.12 / 4pm

Take the time to experience moments of deep relaxation for body, mind and spirit: Gentle yoga classes for all levels create the basis for health and strengthen the nervous system. The causes and effects of stress are discussed in a workshop. Using various meditation exercises, relaxation is slowly transformed into inner balance so you can enjoy a peaceful yoga vacation in the mountains.

Mon 9.12 / 4pm – Fri 13.12 / 4pm

This yoga vacation week focuses on personal guidance and individual correction in the yoga postures.
This yoga vacation week focuses on personal guidance and individual correction in the yoga postures. Nature walks in the magnificent Tyrolean mountains and a gradual increase in the breathing exercises help strengthen the immune system. Yoga breathing exercises expand the capacity of the lungs, and they also stimulate the flow of the subtle life energy (Prana). The programme includes an introduction to the meditation techniques for mental relaxation as well as a cooking workshop on how to prepare easy-to-digest meals. Daily silent walk.

Mon 5.12 / 4pm - Fri 9.12 / 4pm

Facing up to tension – this is stress management based on asanas (yoga postures).
The conscious flow of breathing relieves mental tension and promotes serenity of mind.
A lecture on diet gives tips on detoxing the body by means of a vegetarian diet. Mantra meditation – the sound experience of yoga – awakens the power of one’s own life energy.
Talks and recommended reading on yoga psychology show how you can change your life through positive thoughts.

Fri 13.12 / 4pm – Sun 15.12 / 4pm

Two gentle yoga classes daily for all levels, as well as group meditation in the mornings and evenings,
are the basis for this relaxing week at the Retreat House.
Between 11 am and 4 pm you have more time for relaxation and leisure pursuits.

Sat 14.12.2013 – Sun 12.1.2014
International Sivananda Teachers' Training Course

>> More information on Teachers' Training Course

Mon 16.12 / 4pm – Fri 20.12 / 4pm

Daily workshops look at the main aspects of the yoga class in depth: muscle relaxation in the relaxation pose (Savasana) through autosuggestion, enhanced flexibility of the spine and limbs through specific stretching in the asanas, strengthening of back and abdominal muscles for improved posture, specific asana cycles to make the pelvis and the hips more flexible and strengthen the pectoral girdle.
Increased vital capacity through deep breathing: based on abdominal breathing and full yogic breathing, you will be introduced step-by-step to the classical pranayama techniques, which lead to improved energy resources for both body and mind.

Mon 16.12 / 4pm – Fri 20.12 / 4pm *

This yoga vacation programme opens up further levels of the meditation experience: The time spent meditation is gradually increased. Mantras, cosmic energies in sound structures, are explained and practised. Saguna (concrete) and Nirguna (abstract) meditation is introduced.
The techniques of sublimating thoughts and replacing negative thoughts with positive ones are discussed.


Fri 20.12.2013 / 4pm – Mon 6.1.2014 / 4pm

Special Programmes
for Christmas and New Year

Bring the year to a close in a relaxed atmosphere full of new inspiration.

Meditation practice, dynamic workshops and lectures with Swami Durgananda, Swami Sivadasananda, Swami Atmaramananda and experienced teachers. Winter walks, downhill and cross-country skiing, vegetarian delicacies.


Guest of Honour: Sri Venugopal Goswami, Bhakti Yoga Acharya, Vrindavan, North India


Special Guests: Dr Uma Krishnamurthi, Yoga & Psychology · Angela Hope-Murray, Ayurveda in Daily Life · Temple Meditations with a Priest from South India


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