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Yoga Shop in Reith

Yoga Shop

In the Yoga Shop in our Retreat House we gladly advise you in the selection of the appropriate yoga accessories: the most suitable cushion, yoga mats, meditation shawls, outfits and books according to your interests.

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Sivananda Yoga Orleans

Ashram de Yoga Sivananda
Loire Valley, France

Year-round yoga holidays only an hour from Paris. Yoga teacher trainings, seminars etc.
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Yoga vacation and relaxation in the Austrian Alps – the Sivananda Yoga Retreat House in Tyrol.

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March 2013
Programmes marked with * are also recommended for yoga teachers.

Spaziergang zum WasserfallMeditationAsanas auf der Sonnenplattform

All topics are part of the daily schedule:

6:00 am
Morning meditation, mantra chanting and spiritual reading.
8:00 am Yoga class with energising yoga poses and breathing exercises.
10:00 am Vegetarian brunch.
Afterwards, there is time for a sauna, a massage, a walk along one of the hiking trails or sit back and read a book on the sunny terrace.
2:00 pm Workshop or lecture.
4:00 pm Yoga class. Feel your body becoming more flexible, your breath calmer and your mind clearer.
6:00 pm Vegetarian dinner.
7:30 pm Silent evening meditation and mantra chanting followed by an interesting lecture. You may like to to drink some herbal tea and retire early to bed.

During the week and at weekends we offer two sets of topics. You can participate in both at no extra charge.
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>> Special low season rate from April 7 – May 3, 2013
Save up to 8 € per day.

Mon 25.2. / 4pm – Fri 1.3. / 4pm

Daily workshops look at the main aspects of the yoga class in depth: muscle relaxation in the relaxation pose (Savasana) through autosuggestion; enhanced flexibility of the spine and limbs through specific stretching in the asanas; strengthening of back and abdominal muscles for improved posture; specific asana cycles for making the pelvis and the hips more flexible and for strengthening the pectoral girdle. Increased vital capacity through deep breathing: on the basis of abdominal breathing and full yogic breathing you will be introduced step-by-step to the classical pranayama techniques, which lead to improved energy resources for both body and mind.

Mon 25.2. / 4pm – Fri 1.3. / 4pm *

This yoga vacation programme opens up new aspects of the meditation experience:
Gradual lengthening of the time of meditation. Explanation and practice of Mantras (cosmic energies in sound structures). Introduction to Saguna (concrete) and Nirguna (abstract) meditation techniques. Discussion of Pratipaksha Bhavana (sublimation and elevation of our thought world).

Fri 2.3 / 4pm - Sun 4.3 / 4pm
The proven basic guide from the Sivananda Yoga Centres

Recommended reading: Sivananda Beginner's Guide to Yoga

Fri 2.3 / 4pm - Sun 4.3 / 4pm
Take the time to experience moments of deep relaxation for body, mind and spirit.

Gentle yoga classes for all levels create the basis for health and strengthen the nervous system. The causes and effects of stress are discussed in a workshop. Using various meditation exercises, relaxation is slowly transformed into inner balance. Enjoy a peaceful yoga vacation in the mountains.

Mon 4.3 / 4pm - Fri 8.3 / 4pm

Learn how to turn your yoga practice into a yoga lifestyle.
The harmonious processes of the classical asana sequence such as pose and counterpose, as well as posture, breathing and relaxation, bring harmony and rhythm to our daily lives. The yoga exercise plan for busy people gives new ideas for personal time management. The topics "Developing willpower" and "Inner strength through meditation" help to relate the psychological aspects of yoga to one's own experiences in life. The cooking workshop teaches how to prepare healthy dishes and snacks suitable for people on the go.

Mon 4.3 / 4pm - Fri 8.3 / 4pm

Discover for yourself the harmonising effects of yoga, enabling the body to recover from symptoms of exhaustion and over - stimulation. A balanced asana and relaxation programme focuses on gentle postures for the back in addition to optimal body posture and breathing at the workplace. Lectures and workshops introduce several short asana sequences and discuss positive thinking and concentration exercises for everyday life.

MantraFri 8.3 / 4pm - Sun 10.3 / 4pm

Healing sounds for body and mind. Mantra chanting harmonises the emotions and leads to mental and physical balance.



Sun 10.3 / 8pm
Sivaratri, the night of Siva

A special meditation night with continuous recitation of the mantra OM Namah Sivaya and several Pujas. On this unique night one experiences intensively the spiritual power of Mantra singing. Flower donations are welcome.

Mon 11.3 / 4pm - Fri 15.3 / 4pm

Classical asana variations with individual guidance: Easy variations leading up to the twelve basic postures. Advanced variations aimed at making the body more supple and allowing progress in the basic postures. In the workshops you will learn anatomical details of the asana practice, helping you to get more out of the yoga classes. Special yoga asanas for the back enhance flexibility and strengthen problem areas. Step-by-step, you’ll learn the art of deep relaxation by making the most of the short relaxation between the asanas and through the precise use of the autosuggestion technique.
The daily practice of meditation and mantra chanting will turn the seminar into a holistic yoga experience.

Mon 11.3 / 4pm - Fri 15.3 / 4pm

Confronting tension – this is stress management based on asanas (yoga postures).
The conscious flow of breathing relieves mental tension and promotes inner peace. A lecture on diet gives tips on detoxing the body by means of a vegetarian diet. Mantra meditation – the sound experience of yoga – awakens the power of one's own life energy. Talks and recommended reading on yoga psychology show how you can change your life through positive thoughts.

Fri 15.3 / 4pm - Sun 17.3 / 4pm

The daily yoga practice at home lets you tap new energy, which can change your outlook on life.
Workshops introduce the most effective exercises for the daily routine, based on various asana sequences with a duration of at least 15 minutes.
In an introduction to the practice of concentration and meditation, you will learn the time-honoured techniques of gaining control over the mind – a kind of mental hygiene for daily life.
A cooking workshop gives practical tips for optimising your diet for both body and mind. All this, together with a list of recommended reading, will equip you for a successful Yoga@Home.

Fri 15.3 / 4pm - Sun 17.3 / 4pm

Experiences in meditation are quite varied and are open to everyone: Concentration develops naturally through performing the asanas. Also, a detailed understanding of the correct meditation postures can help in establishing a meditation practice. The mental practice includes meditating on light and objects, the universal sound 'OM' and uplifting qualities. Additional practices are introduced, for example achieving a state of relaxed concentration by writing a mantra.

Mon 18.3 / 4pm - Fri 22.3 / 4pm *

Often just little adjustments can lead to greater quality of life:
Workshops focussing on the shoulders, back and hips show us how we can systematically improve our flexibility in the yoga class. A test of the muscles and a posture analysis give the motivation you need to make a change. Yoga offers a broad range of methods for strengthening the nervous and cardiovascular systems: from deep relaxation to resistance training by holding the asana postures. The yogic breathing exercises help you to increase your vital energy.
Yogic techniques for organ cleansing (Kriyas) make it easier to detox the body. Guidance in dietary questions.

Mon 18.3 / 4pm - Fri 22.3 / 4pm *

Study of yoga psychology based on the Raja Yoga Sutras of Patanjali.
Explanation of how the mind works and practical techniques for controlling the thoughts. The functioning of thought waves, the effects of natural energies on the mind, the principles of ethical living, thought patterns and their transformation. Human suffering and how to overcome it; practical methods for cultivating positive thoughts; gaining mastery over the mind through meditation.
Recommended reading: Meditation and Mantras by Swami Vishnudevananda,
Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, Swami Durgananda

Fri 22.3 / 4pm - Sun 24.3 / 4pm

This programme focuses on strengthening body and mind for all-round health.
Yoga asanas provide an optimal development of muscle strength and flexibility. This is excellent prevention against posture faults such as lordosis, kyphosis or scoliosis, and helps improve existing posture faults. In addition to learning the natural resting breath, you will learn pranayama breathing exercises that systematically increase your vital capacity. Relaxation exercises strengthen the nervous and immune systems. Enjoy the energising vegetarian food, specially adapted to the yoga practice.

Fri 22.3 / 4pm - Sun 24.3 / 4pm *

“You sow a thought and reap an action. You sow an action and reap a habit.
You sow a habit and reap a character. You sow a character and reap your destiny.”
Swami Sivananda
Besides the daily practice of asanas, pranayama and meditation for relaxation of body and mind,
we will focus on lectures and workshops on the world of thoughts, creative life management, exercises for developing thought power, guided contemplation and visualisation.

Mon 25.3 / 4pm - Fri 29.3 / 4pm

Participants will gradually develop a more intensive asana practice with the help of detailed workshops and individual correction. Classical asana variations which focus on flexibility, strength and duration will be demonstrated and performed. The highlight of the workshop is the meditative practice of holding each pose longer. Daily pranayama practice promotes the vital capacity of the lungs and improves one’s power of concentration. A lecture on the anatomical basics of the asana practice rounds off this special asana week.

Mon 25.3 / 4pm - Fri 29.3 / 4pm*

A Clear Understanding of One’s Self
An introduction to Yoga Vedanta psychology. The non-dualistic philosophy of Vedanta explains universal philosophical aspects of life by means of logic and analogies:
• Change and reality
• Intellect and intuition
• The experience of the Self, the goal of all yoga paths
• "Who am I?"
Yoga and meditation are practical methods of self-inquiry and ultimately enable us to experience our true nature: Existence – Knowledge – Bliss.
With a list of recommended readings.

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