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Yoga Shop in Reith

Yoga Shop

In the Yoga Shop in our Retreat House we gladly advise you in the selection of the appropriate yoga accessories: the most suitable cushion, yoga mats, meditation shawls, outfits and books according to your interests.

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Advanced Yoga Teachers' Training Course (ATTC)


9 May – 7 June 2015, Language: German

30 April – 29 May 2016, Language: English, German


437 Training Units

Daily schedule during the course:

The day begins at 5 am with an hour of pranayama practice guided by an
instructor. The gradual introduction to advanced pranayamas enables a unique experience of prana.

At 6 am is the morning Satsang with meditation, Kirtan chanting and a short lecture. The morning Sadhana is completed with a condensed asana class from 8 to 9 am. At 9 am is the first lesson of the day: anatomy and physiology. By studying cell structures, the nervous system and the brain, you will gain a better understanding of the synthesis between physical and subtle aspects of yoga.

Brunch is at 10 am, followed by time for Karma Yoga. At noon is a one-hour class on the Raja Yoga Sutras by Patanjali. This is the second most
important yoga scripture after the Bhagavad Gita.

For one week you will have a crash course in Sanskrit at this hour. This challenging yet inspiring week of study will give you a first taste of the deep logic and beauty of Sanskrit, the language of the mantras and yoga scriptures.

At 2 pm begins the main lecture on Vedanta philosophy - listening to and
reflecting on the Vedantic teaching of oneness leads to a deeper
understanding of reality.

The second asana class of the day starts at 4 pm. This is a 90-minute
session of intensive practice and individual correction, where you will
systematically try all the advanced variations from the Complete Illustrated

Book of Yoga by Swami Vishnudevananda.

Dinner follows at 6 pm and the evening Satsang starts at 7:30 pm.

Several special programmes are planned during the course that will take place during the evening Satsang.

Swami Durgananda, Swami Sivadasananda, Swami Ramapriyananda and additional Swamis and experienced teachers from Europe will be your instructors for the course.

Upon graduation you will receive a ATTC certificate from the International Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centres.

Special Rates ATTC

Including examination fee, training manual (incl. VAT).
INCLUDING room and board in the Hotel

Early Bird: -150 € (payment due in full 3 months in advance)
Partner Special: -75 € (Valid for 2 or more persons. Enrol and pay at the same time for the same dates.) 

in Dormitory: 2,565 €
Please bring your student ID or unemployment card for verfication.

No Early Bird nor Partner Special.

Fees include examination fee and ATTC manual.
All rates include VAT.
Rates are subject to a 1.80 € visitor's tax per person per night.
Tuition fee valid until 31.12.2015.

>> Online application

room & board

Ecological health and no-smoking hotel serving wholesome organic Yogic-vegetarian food.
The rooms are equipped with wood furniture, holistic mattresses, wooden floors, shower, toilet, hairdryer, telephone and radio. Most rooms have a balcony.
The Sivananda Yoga Retreat House will book room and board for you in the Hotel Pointner.

Teaching language

For the simultaneous translation we will use a modern wireless translation system and headphones.
The rental fee for the radio receiver is 30 €.
You can bring your own headset with normal disc man jack or buy one for 10 € at the Yoga Retreat House.

The Teachers

The teachers are Yoga Acharyas (spiritual teachers) senior disciples of Swami Vishnudevananda:

Swami Durgananda, Yoga-Acharya of the European Sivananda Yoga Centres teaches yoga and philosophy worldwide as part of the Yoga Teachers' Training Courses.

Swami Sivadasananda, Yoga-Acharya in Europe is known for his dynamic, precise and joyful style of teaching asanas and pranayama.

Swami Ramapriyananda, Director of thr Sivananda Yoga Retreat House .

Additional teaching staff including experienced swamis and yoga teachers.

Special Programs

International speakers, special guests and artists will be performing during the course. Fpr dates and guest speakers see >> calendar



• Deepening the practice of the twelve basic asanas
• Training in classical advanced variations
• Detailed corrections
• Deepening your understanding of Hatha Yoga


• Extended practice of Anuloma Viloma
• Practice of advanced Pranayama
• How to use the Bandhas


• The philosophical schools of India
• Analogies of the Supreme Reality
• Study of Vedantic meditation techniques
• Explanation of Vedantic Mantras

Raja Yoga

• Detailed study of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali
• The mind - its mysteries and control
• In depth study of the 8 steps of Raja Yoga

Bhakti Yoga

• The nine modes of Bhakti
• The five devotional attitudes


• Learn the Sanskrit alphabet
• Pronunciation and writing of mantras and hymns

Anatomy and Physiology

• Study of the cells, nervous system and the endocrine glands and it’s relation to the practice of Asanas, pranayama and meditation

Kirtan (chanting)

• Positive effects of chanting on the emotions
• Correct pronunciation and mental attitude
• Learning of classical Sanskrit chants


• Subtle aspects of a vegetarian diet
• Proper diet according to the 3 doshas in Ayurveda

Daily schedule

4:30am Wake-up
5:00am Pranayama
6:00am Meditation, mantra chanting, lecture
8:00am Asanas
9:00am Anatomy and Physiology
10:00am Brunch
11:00am Karma Yoga
Noon Study of Raja Yoga or Sanskrit lesson
2:00pm Main lecture on Vedanta
4:00pm Asanas and Pranayama
6:00pm Dinner
7.30pm Meditation, mantra chanting, lecture or silent nature walk

(Schedule subject to change.)

After the course:

You can deepen your knowledge in Further Teacher Trainings.

Training Units (1 TU = 45 minutes):

Yoga Teachers' Training Course (TTC) 401 TUs
Advanced Yoga Teachers' Training Course (ATTC) 437 TUs
Further Training for Yoga Teachers weekends 26 - 52 TUs

In cooperation with the Open International University: With the Sivananda Yoga Teachers' Training Courses you can earn credits towards Bachelor, Master and PhD programmes in philosophy (spiritual counselling) and interfaith studies.

For details, visit

Practical Information

Course materials

• The Complete Illustrated Book of Yoga, by Swami Vishnudevananda, Three Rivers Press

• Meditation and Mantras, by Swami Vishnudevananda, Motilal Banarsidass Publishers

These books can be ordered from our online shop or purchased directly in the Sivananda Yoga Centres.

Also bring

TTC manual and teacher’s uniforms
Yoga mat, cushion, blanket (you’ll find a large selection of yoga accessories in the yoga boutique on site)
Comfortable as well as warm clothing
Notebook, torch (flashlight)
Sandals or slippers for indoors, walking shoes, swim suit
Towel, toiletries, Neti pot

Important information

Attendance at all spiritual activities is mandatory. During the course meat, fish, alcohol, tobacco, coffee, black tea, eggs, drugs and revealing clothing are not allowed.
Not abiding to these rules may lead to dismissal from the course. During the course we cannot cater to personal dietary preferences except for yogic-vegetarian meals.

How to pay:

Registration is valid with a down payment of 30% of the full amount. The remaining unpaid balance is due no later than 6 weeks before the course begins.

1) International Money Order

2) Bank transfer

Volksbank Kufstein, Austria
IBAN: AT04 4377 0000 7003 3749


3) Creditcard

For payments by credit card a 2% administration fee will be charged.
Please transmit your credit card information over the phone:

+43(0) 5356/67 404.

Cancellation Terms

Cancellation before the start of the course: The following cancellation fees will be applied to the full course amount:
For yoga: 30%
For the hotel:
Up to 12 weeks before arrival date: no cancellation fee
Up to 4 weeks before arrival date: 40%
Up to 1 week before arrival date: 70%
Within 7 days of the arrival date: 90%
The cancellation fees may be reduced to the extent that the room/bed can be allocated to a new participant.


If you would like to change the dates of the teacher training course at the Retreat House in Reith, a rebooking fee of 50 euros will be charged.


In case of early departure from the course, the following cancellation fees apply to the full course amount, minus the days present in the course: Only full daily rates can be refunded, not individual activities:
For yoga: 30%
For the hotel: 70%
The cancellation fees may be reduced to the extent that the room/bed can be allocated to a new participant.
In the case of departure after 12 noon, 100% of the cancellation fee will be charged for this day.
In case of early departure from the course, the ATTC course manual must be returned before leaving the teaching location. Only then can we authorize the transfer of the course fee minus the cancellation fees.

>> Online Application
>> Download application (PDF)
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Silent Walk Inspiring talks
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Advanced Asanas

ttc Chakrasana Variation
ttc Asana classes
ttc Teaching workshops
ttc Pranayama
Silent Walk Meditative walks
ttc Lectures
ttc Study of scriptures
Vegetarisches Essen Vegetarian food
Gemeinsam genießen Enjoy together



Books by Swami Visnudevananda

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