Certificate courses

The goal of the certificate courses is to transfer these integral personal experiences into our daily and professional lives.
At the end of the course you will receive a confirmation of participation with the number of course hours.

The lectures and workshops are integrated into the daily schedule for yoga vacation which includes meditation, mantra chanting, as well as asana and pranayama classes.

Events Calendar

January 2016

Friday, 29. January 2016 – Tuesday, 2. February 2016

Active Relaxation and Stress Reduction

In Reith, Tyrol, Austria

Certificate course

The classical yoga techniques are presented in the light of modern scientific findings and applied step by step.

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May 2016

Thursday, 5. May 2016 – Sunday, 8. May 2016

Asanas and Flexibility of the Spinal Column

In Reith, Tyrol, Austria

Intensive course with Anne Debreilly, France
6 hours of anatomy lessons daily with many practical exercises.

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Friday, 13. May 2016 – Monday, 16. May 2016

You Are What You Eat

In Reith, Tyrol, Austria

Professional training with Sigrid Siebert, nutritionist, Frankfurt
A modern and balanced vegetarian diet supplies the body with sufficient energy and supports mental and spiritual growth..
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June 2016

Wednesday, 22. June 2016 – Sunday, 26. June 2016

Yoga and Healing Herbs

In Reith, Tyrol, Austria

Certificate course with Brigitte Addington, Germany

Fascinating insights into herbs, hedges, trees and roots from both traditional folk medicine and modern science.

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Friday, 24. June 2016 – Wednesday, 29. June 2016

Yoga and Trauma

In Reith, Tyrol, Austria

Certificate course with Molly (Madhavi) Birkholm, USA
Yoga and meditation can relieve anxiety and trauma - this has also been confirmed in clinical studies.

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Thursday, 30. June 2016 – Sunday, 3. July 2016

Meditation – Experiencing Inner Balance

In Reith, Tyrol, Austria

Certificate course with Swami Ramapriyananda.

Scientific studies have shown that meditation improves self-perception, memory and empathy.

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July 2016

Wednesday, 13. July 2016 – Sunday, 17. July 2016

How Yoga Works – The Scientific Perspective

In Reith, Tyrol, Austria

Certificate course with Cordula Interthal (Chandrika), gynaecologist, Munich

It is now scientifically proven: Yoga is a complete system for physical and mental health.

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Thursday, 21. July 2016 – Sunday, 24. July 2016

The Yoga of Sleep

In Reith, Tyrol, Austria

Certificate course with Rubin Naiman, PhD

Deep, refreshing sleep and dreams are the cornerstone of well-being and an essential foundation for spiritual practice.

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August 2016

Friday, 5. August 2016 – Sunday, 14. August 2016

Yoga of the Heart

In Reith, Tyrol, Austria

Certificate course with Nischala Joy Devi, USA

A comprehensive 9-day intensive course on teaching yoga to cardiac and cancer patients.

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October 2016

Friday, 7. October 2016 – Monday, 10. October 2016

Yoga Psychology – Timeless Teachings on the Human Mind

In Reith, Tyrol, Austria

Certificate and study course with Swami Ramapriyananda.

The Raja Yoga Sutras by sage Patanjali are a psychological study, a practical guide and an authentic source of wisdom.

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