Certificate courses

The goal of the certificate courses is to transfer these integral personal experiences into our daily and professional lives.
At the end of the course you will receive a confirmation of participation with the number of course hours.

The lectures and workshops are integrated into the daily schedule for yoga vacation which includes meditation, mantra chanting, as well as asana and pranayama classes.

Events Calendar

July 2015

Wednesday, 1. July 2015 – Sunday, 5. July 2015

Yoga and Healing Herbs

Certificate course with Brigitte Addington, Germany

Fascinating insights into herbs, hedges, trees and roots from both traditional folk medicine and modern science.

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Friday, 10. July 2015 – Sunday, 19. July 2015

Accessible Yoga

Certificate course with Jivana Heyman, San Francisco, California

In this practical 9-day programme you will learn how to adapt a classical asana class to the needs of students with physical disabilities or chronic illness, the elderly, and people with injuries.

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Sunday, 19. July 2015 – Thursday, 23. July 2015

How Yoga Works – The Scientific Perspective

Certificate course with Cordula Interthal (Chandrika), gynaecologist, Munich

In this 5-day certificate course we look at how yoga works by combining scientific findings with the description of yogic effects in the classical yogic scriptures.

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Monday, 20. July 2015 – Friday, 24. July 2015

Healthy Cooking with Ayurveda

Certificate course with Sanjay and Anjani Kulkarni (MD), Ayurveda experts, Pune, India. You will learn dishes for two and for larger groups of family and friends. Ayurvedic dishes which are both simple to prepare and easy on your wallet.

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Monday, 20. July 2015 – Thursday, 23. July 2015

The Yoga of Sleep

Certificate course with Rubin Naiman, PhD

Sacred and Scientific Approaches to Sleep and Dreams

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Wednesday, 29. July 2015 – Saturday, 1. August 2015

Healing Spaces

Certificate course with Olga Mandodari Sokolova, certified Vastu teacher

Create Your Healing Home: Modern Applications of Vedic Teachings

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August 2015

Saturday, 8. August 2015 – Thursday, 13. August 2015

Yoga & Psychology

Certificate course with Dr Uma Krishnamurthi, psychiatrist, Bangalore, India

Understanding the human mind from the holistic perspective of the East.

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