Ayurveda – Treasure for Health

Four-week online course

With Vaidya Sreelal Sankar and Vaidya Poornima Sreelal,
Ayurveda experts from Kerala, India


14 November 2020: Free session
21 November – 12 December 2020: 4-week course
9 – 10:30 am (Central European Time)

In four weeks, we are trying to expose the simple and precious aspects of Ayurveda that a normal person can incorporate to their day-to-day life for better maintenance of health.
The course covers the basics of Ayurveda, the concept of homeostasis or balance, daily routines, detox, mental health and the basics of Ayurveda treatments.


Vaidya Sreelal Sankar

Dr. Sreelal Sankar was born in a traditional Ayurveda practitioner’s family in Kerala. Apart from clinical practice, because of his analytical approach, he’s interested in applying IT in Ayurveda. He did his post-graduate work in bioinformatics.

Vaidya Poornima Sreelal

Dr. Poornima Sreelal is a leading Ayurvedic dietary consultant. She comes from a traditional healer’s family. After her graduation in Ayurveda, she specialized in Clinical nutrition and dietetics. She works on applied nutrition for curative purposes.


Saturday, 21 November

Ayurvedic concepts on body and homeostasis

  • Healing properties of Pancha Bhutha, the five elements
  • Factors affecting homeostasis and importance of routines – daily, fortnight, seasonal and annual routines, the practical approaches
  • Interactive session

Saturday, 28 November

Routines and detox

  • Detailing Dinacharya – daily routines mentioned in the Ayurvedic texts through activities, diet guidelines and lifestyle
  • Importance of seasonal self-detoxing
  • Interactive session

Saturday, 5 December

Mind management to lead a healthy life

  • The Ayurvedic perspective on mind
  • Achara Rasayanam – The rejuvenation of the body, apart from diet and medicine
  • Shodasa Samskara, finding spirituality
  • Interactive session

Saturday, 12 December

An overview on general disease classifications and different treatment approaches in Ayurveda

  • Ayurveda view of disease
  • Classification of different treatment modalities
  • Some popular Ayurveda treatment techniques
  • Interactive session