Daily schedule


Advanced Teacher Training Course in Tyrol
4:30 am Wake up
5:00 am Pranayama
6:00 am Meditation, mantra chanting, lecture
8:00 am Asanas
9:00 am Anatomy and physiology
10:00 am Brunch
11:00 am Karma Yoga
noon Study of Raga Yoga or Sanskrit
1:00 pm Tea and snack
2:00 pm Main lecture on Vedanta
4:00 pm Asanas or asana class, advanced variations
6:00 pm Dinner
7:30 pm Meditation, mantra chanting, lecture
10:00 pm Lights out


Special programmes and concerts may take place during the evening Satsang (see the events calendar on the website).

Once a week is a free day. You are however expected to participate in the morning and evening Satsang and to do your Karma Yoga on this day.

In your free time you can take part in the daily workshops offered by the Retreat House, explore the surroundings, or rest.

Participation in all activities is mandatory.

There may be occasional changes to the daily schedule.

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