• In Reith, Tyrol, Austria

    Early Summer Retreats

    Fri., 12 May – Thu., 8 June 2023

Early Summer Retreats

Fri., 12 May – Thu., 8 June 2023

Dive into a sea of alpine wildflowers –
time for mental and physical cleansing on the outdoor platform.

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Use the holidays for holistic regeneration with yoga.


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In Peace Lies Strength

Sun., 21 – Fri., 26 May 2023


  • Conscious relaxation through muscle stretching
  • Natural focus on deepening the breathing
  • Sun Salutation and concentration
  • The holistic effects of the Shoulderstand
  • Asanas rejuvenate the nerves
  • Asanas and good digestion
  • The importance of the sequence
  • From tossing of the mind to stillness
  • Meditative holding of the poses


  • Pranayama helps develop a focused mind
  • “Withdrawal of the senses” for inner strength
  • Meditation: when the mind calms down
  • Meditation: a 12-step guide
  • Holistic relaxation
  • Ways to cultivate cheerfulness and serenity
  • How a vegetarian diet de-acidifies the body
  • Mantras, uplifting sounds for meditation
  • Maintaining a positive state of mind

Mountain Magic

Walking in the beautiful “Bichlach” surroundings of the Retreat House.

Whitsun Yoga Event

Fri., 26 – Mon., 29 May 2023


Asanas for intermediate and advanced

Expansion in the asanas:

  • Individualized stretching and strengthening of the most important muscle groups.
  • Headstand: Preparation and variations of the “King of the Asanas”.
  • Nerve impulse and pranic impulse in practice.

Asanas for beginners

Yoga-Asanas – Easy!

With experienced teachers from the Sivananda Yoga Centers and plenty of time to answer your questions.


  • Basic yoga postures with preparatory exercises and deep relaxation
  • Abdominal breathing, full yogic breathing and pranayama
  • Gain flexibility in the Sun Salutation

20 MINUTES THEORY, at the end of the morning yoga class:

  • Yogic principles for holistic health
  • How asanas work
  • Breath training
  • Relaxation step by step
  • Yogic diet
  • Positive thinking
  • Introduction to concentration and meditation
  • Yoga@home


Which cerebral hemisphere is dominant at a particular time corresponds to the flow of air in the nostrils.

By keeping a simple 16-hour journal, you can monitor your breath and detect which hemisphere is dominant.

With a workshop for the gradual application of Alternate Nostril Breathing.


Yoga – Brain – Prana

  • The lateralization of the brain
  • Prana and nervous system
  • The balancing effects of pranayama and meditation

Evening meditation

Stories of wisdom

“May the protector of great souls protect me too.”

Mountain Magic

Group walk to Wild Kaiser

On well-maintained hiking trails to the idyllic Gaudeamus hut

Spiritual get-together

Spending time together over tea after a shorter meditation.

An opportunity to ask questions too.

Further Training for Yoga Teachers

Fresh inspiration and expanding horizons:
Yoga can do it! Yoga in Medicine

Thu., 25 May – Mon., 29 May 2023
With Chandrika (Cordula Interthal)

Strength for Body, Mind and Soul

Mon., 29 May – Fri., 2 June 2023


Mobility and a healthy heart with yoga.

  • Details and dynamics in the Sun Salutation
  • Mobility in shoulders, back and hips
  • Flexion, extension and rotation along the spine
  • Breathing exercises for more vitality and relaxation
  • Holding the asanas: gentle endurance training for the cardiovascular system
  • The Headstand: THE asana for the heart and circulatory system


  • Muscle test with posture analysis; individual advice for optimal use of the musculoskeletal system
  • Yoga for the heart: preventive and alleviating effects
  • How to build up physical energy (ATP) and subtle energy (Prana)
  • Inner tranquility through positive thinking and meditation; mindfulness exercises for one-pointedness of mind
  • Sleep better – feel more refreshed

Mountain Magic

Several times a week, approx. two-hour hikes.

Possible hiking destinations are:

  • Bichlach: rolling hills of meadow and forest around the Vogelsberg and Giering ponds
  • Schleier waterfall near Kitzbühel: a marvellous hiking route to the waterfall, with stops at the Ebner chapel and a goat farm
  • Astbergweg: high-elevation hike with breath-taking views of the Wild Kaiser and the Kitzbühel mountains
  • Gaudeamus Hut on Wild Kaiser
  • Up to the Labalm in the Spertental near Kirchberg
  • Around the Hinterstein lake near Scheffau

Yogic Journey to the Meaning of Life

Fri., 2 – Fri., 9 June 2023


Bhagavata Saptaha

With Guest of Honour Sri Venugopal Goswami, Bhakti Yoga Acharya, Vrindavan, North India

Listening to the classical yoga scripture Srimad Bhagavatam connects Jnana (knowledge) with Bhakti (devotion).
Excellent North Indian professional musicians accompany this programme with classical raga melodies und rhythms.


Morning asana classes

  • Effects of yoga on body and mind
  • From physical relaxation to mental peace
  • Reducing stress hormones in the asanas
  • Relaxed back, shoulders and neck
  • More vital energy through yogic breathing exercises
  • Mental focus in the practice
  • Stress reduction with forward bends

Afternoon asana classes

  • Flexibility of pelvis and hips
  • Strengthening of shoulder girdle and arms
  • Strength and flexibility of the back and opening of the chest
  • The inverted postures
  • Balancing and asymmetrical asanas
  • Sitting better – meditating better



  • The yoga of tranquillity
  • Understanding the mind and the laws of thinking
  • Exercises for positive thinking and a strong mind
  • The subconscious mind and the intellect
  • Cultivating higher forms of thinking
  • Principles of a yogic life


Walk to the Schwarzsee Lake (2 hours)



Early Summer Retreats

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