A holistic spring vacation for body, mind and soul


In-depth yoga practice for a progressive renewal of your vital energy. Relax and enjoy the fresh mountain air, meditative walks, light organic meals and a variety of yoga topics.


Friday, 31 March until Monday, 10 April 2023

Both a shorter and a longer stay is possible.


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Lecture series: How yoga works

Noontime or during morning meditation at 6pm

How to feel better all-round with easy cleansing techniques

Saturday, 1 AprilMuscles and movement
Sunday, 2 AprilImproving one’s posture
Monday, 3 AprilSupport for the nervous system

Lecture series: Better abdominal health

Noontime or during morning meditation

How to feel better all-round with easy cleansing techniques

Tuesday, 4 AprilBetter digestion: Stomach and the duodenum
Wednesday, 5 AprilWhat is good for the liver
Thursday, 6 AprilA balanced pancreas
Friday, 7 AprilBetter absorption: From the small intestine into every cell
Saturday, 8 AprilProblem-free elimination: A balanced colon
Sunday, 9 AprilBetter abdominal health with Hatha Yoga Kriyas
Monday, 10 AprilDetox@Home

8:00 – 9:45 am: Asana and Pranayama class

Exploring and Expanding the Basic Sequence

Choose between two levels:

  • Gentle to intermediate
    Gradual introduction to the breathing and breath holding, more detailed intermediate relaxations, easy asana variations, shorter holding of the asanas.

  • Intermediate to Advanced
    A complete set of breathing exercises, shorter intermediate relaxations, more demanding asana variations, longer holding of the asanas, systematic preparation to the headstand

For both levels the session concludes with the complete deep relaxation with autosuggestion. Followed by questions and answers regarding postures, breathing, relaxation, diet, positive thinking and meditation. With practical suggestions on how to continue your practice at home.

Saturday, 1 AprilAsanas for a good sitting pose
Sunday, 2 AprilExpansion of vital energy
Monday, 3 AprilFlexible back, flexible mind
Tuesday, 4 AprilThe Sun Salutation in detail
Wednesday, 5 AprilThe Shoulderstand Cycle
Thursday, 6 AprilLeg exercises and Forward Bend variations
Friday, 7 AprilEasy back bends
Saturday, 8 AprilTwisting and side bending
Sunday, 9 AprilBalancing poses
Monday, 10 AprilLonger holding of the asanas
  • 12 – 1 pm: A guided walk in nature

    Meadows, forest and lakes – explore the nearby beautiful Bichlach area on easy walking trails

Lecture series: Yoga - a holistic practice

Noontime or during evening meditation

Time-tested yoga practices in daily life

Saturday, 1 AprilThe Flow of Prana, the vital energy
Sunday, 2 AprilPeace of mind is happiness
Monday, 3 AprilUnderstanding one’s own thought process
Tuesday, 4 AprilBe good, do good
Wednesday, 5 AprilExpanding the emotions
Thursday, 6 AprilThe Self and the body
Friday, 7 AprilThe Self and the mind
Saturday, 8 AprilUnity in diversity
Sunday, 9 AprilInspiration from world religions

4 – 5:45 pm: Asana and pranayama class


Improve your breathing (gentle to intermediate level)
This class will repeat some of the asana practices of the morning class. More time will be given to preparatory breathing practices, allowing for a more relaxed practice of the pranayama exercises.

Friday, 31 MarchRelaxation – Calming down outwardly and inwardly
Saturday, 1 AprilThe invigorating contrast of stretching and relaxation
Sunday, 2 AprilThe three levels of relaxation
Monday, 3 AprilThe movement of the diaphragm
Tuesday, 4 AprilRelax and recharge with abdominal breathing
Wednesday, 5 AprilThe complete yogic breath
Thursday, 6 AprilThe gentle flow of Alternate Nostril Breathing
Friday, 7 AprilLearning to relax during breath retention
Saturday, 8 AprilLung purification with Kapalabhati
Sunday, 9 AprilA complete pranayama session

Tuning to the body systems (intermediate and advanced level)
Within the setting of the complete class sequence, the focus on a particular body system will allow for a deeper practice and a more expanded experience.

Friday, 31 MarchMobility in the most important joints
Saturday, 1 AprilBreathing and relaxation in the asana
Sunday, 2 AprilThe meditative Asana experience
Monday, 3 AprilMuscle length
Tuesday, 4 AprilMuscle strength
Wednesday, 5 AprilThe spine: Flexion-extension-rotation-lateral bending
Thursday, 6 AprilIncreasing your lung capacity
Friday, 7 AprilStrengthening the cardiovascular system
Saturday, 8 AprilStrengthening the digestive system
Sunday, 9 AprilFine-tuning the nervous system

Spiritual get-together

On three evenings

Spending time together over tea after a shorter meditation.

An opportunity to ask questions too.

Use the Easter week for a

Further Training for Yoga Teachers

Fresh inspiration and wider horizons:

Yoga Psychology

Yoga Psychology

Fri., 31 March – Tue., 4 April 2023
With Swami Ramapriyananda

Yoga Breath Work

Yoga Breath Work

Fri., 7 April – Mon., 10 April 2023
With Swami Sivadasananda


Easter Yoga Retreat

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