• Sivananda Yoga Easter Retreat

    Monday 11 April - Monday 18 April 2022

A holistic spring vacation for body, mind and soul


In-depth yoga practice for a progressive renewal of your vital energy. Relax and enjoy the fresh mountain air, meditative walks, light organic meals and a variety of yoga topics.


Monday, 11 April, 4 pm until
Monday, 18 April, 1 pm

Both a shorter and a longer stay is possible.


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6 am: Morning meditation, chanting and lecture

Yoga and Health

Tue. 12 AprilYoga and Self Healing
Wed. 13 AprilComplete Yogic Relaxation
Thu. 14 AprilThe Breath of Life
Fri. 15 AprilYoga and the Nervous System
Sat. 16 AprilThe Healing Power of Food
Sun. 17 AprilManaging Stress
Mon. 18 AprilYogic Exercises and Physical Culture

8 – 9:45 am: Asanas and pranayama class

Exploring and Expanding the Basic Sequence

Choose between two levels:


  • Gentle to intermediate

Gradual introduction to the breathing and breath holding, more detailed intermediate relaxations, easy asana variations, shorter holding of the asanas.


  • Intermediate to advanced

A complete set of breathing exercises, shorter intermediate relaxations, more demanding asana variations, longer holding of the asanas, systematic preparation for the headstand.


For both levels the session concludes with the complete deep relaxation with autosuggestion. Followed by questions and answers regarding postures, breathing, relaxation, diet, positive thinking and meditation. With practical suggestions on how to continue your practice at home.

Tue. 12 AprilThe Sun Salute in Detail
Wed. 13 AprilThe Shoulderstand Cycle
Thu. 14 AprilLeg Exercises and Forward Bend Variations
Fri. 15 AprilEasy Back Bends
Sat. 16 AprilTwisting and Side Bending
Sun. 17 AprilBalancing Poses
Mon. 18 AprilLonger Holding of the Asanas
  • 12:00 – 13.00: A Guided Walk in Nature

    Meadows, forest and lakes – explore the nearby beautiful Bichlach area on easy walking trails

2:30 – 3:30 pm: Lectures on Integration of Body, Mind and Soul


Mon. 11 AprilUniversal Laws of Health
Tue. 12 AprilDetox – A Boon for Health
Wed. 13 AprilSatva – The Energy of Harmony and Clarity
Thu. 14 AprilWhy Meditate? Physical, Mental and Spiritual Benefits
Fri. 15 AprilPractical Guide to Meditation
Sat. 16 AprilWhat is a Mantra? From Spoken Sound to Inner Silence
Sun. 17 AprilPositive Guidelines for Spiritual Health
Mon. 18 April
11:30 am – 12:30 pm
Farewell Get-Together
Sparks of Inspiration for Yoga@Home

4 – 5:45 pm: Asanas and pranayama class


Improve your Breathing

Gentle to Intermediate Level
This class will repeat some of the asana practices of the morning class. More time will be given to preparatory breathing practices, allowing for a more relaxed practice of the pranayama exercises.

Mon. 11 AprilThe Movement of the Diaphragm
Tue. 12 AprilRelax and Recharge with Abdominal Breathing
Wed. 13 AprilThe Complete Yogic Breath
Thu. 14 AprilThe Gentle Flow of Alternate Breathing
Fri. 15 AprilLearning to Relax during Breath Retention
Sat. 16 AprilLung Purification with Kapala Bhati
Sun. 17 AprilA Complete Pranayama Session

Tuning to the Body Systems

Intermediate and Advanced Level
Within the setting of the complete class sequence, the focus on a particular body system will allow for a deeper practice and a more expanded experience.

Mon. 11 AprilMuscle Length
Tue. 12 AprilMuscle Strength
Wed. 13 AprilThe Spine: Flexion-Extension-Rotation-Lateral Bending
Thu. 14 AprilIncreasing Your Lung Capacity
Fri. 15 AprilStrengthening the Heart
Sat. 16 AprilStrengthening the Digestive Organs
Sun. 17 AprilFine Tuning the Nervous System

8 pm: Evening meditation, chanting and lecture

Spirituality and Religion

With readings and presentations

Mon. 11 AprilSwami Sivananda’s Concept of Religion
Tue. 12 AprilMotives for Devotional Practice
Wed. 13 AprilThe Role of the Intellect for the Practice of Devotion
Thu. 14 AprilOuter Practice and Inner Surrender
Fri. 15 AprilPuja – Temple Ceremony with Yagneswara Dixit from South India
Sat. 16 AprilPrayers of Hinduism, Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism and Islam
Sun. 17 AprilPuja – Temple Ceremony with Yagneswara Dixit from South India

Two special detox days

Over Easter

Add a gentle detox experience to your yoga vacation:


Wed. 13 April

During the regular breakfast and dinner: “Learn how to chew” workshop
Thu. 14 April

Fasting day, 10 am and 6 pm: Drinking/chewing fresh carrot juice
Please enrol for both practices at the reception no later than Tuesday evening


registration Rates