In what languages is the yoga teacher training taught?


Spiritualisieren des Alltags

All courses are international and taught in English and German.

Any lectures in German or German-speaking guest speakers will be translated simultaneously into English using a wireless translation system and headphones.
The asana classes are often taught bilingually or in separate language groups. The how-to-teach workshops are conducted in separate language groups.

Translation system

The rental fee for the radio receiver is €30. You can bring your own headset with normal disc man jack or borrow one from the Yoga Retreat House.

Training Manual

You can choose to receive your TTC manual in either English or German. For an extra fee, you can receive an additional manual in one of the following languages: French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Polish, Lithuanian, Russian, Japanese, Chinese or Vietnamese.

Please contact our TTC Advisor if you have any questions:


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