New! Live Online Course: Alignment in the Sivananda Asana Sequence

New! Live Online Course: Alignment in the Sivananda Asana Sequence

Fri., 6 August 2021 – Fri., 27 August 2021
6:00 PM - 8:00 PM (CET)

with Steven Weiss, DC, C-IAYT

Awareness of correct alignment can protect joints, ligaments and muscles. Expand your practice with detailed guidance in how to approach each Asana safely.

The course will cover the 12 basic postures, the sun salutation and other Asanas of the Sivananda practice system.


  • 15 Minutes PowerPoint presentations with explanation of physiological facts
  • 75 minutes of detailed guided practice
  • 30 minutes of question & answer


Course details:

6th August

  • Sun Salutation: Mountain Pose, Standing Backbend
  • Twelve Asanas: Shoulderstand, Plough, Fish


13th August

  • Sun Salutation: Standing Forward Bend, Half Moon
  • Twelve Asanas: Sitting Forward Bend, Cobra, Locust


20th August

  • Sun Salutation: Plank, Knees-Chest-Forehead
  • Twelve Asanas: Bow, Half Spinal Twist, Crow


27th August

  • Sun Salutation: Inverted V, Half Moon, Standing Forward Bend
  • Twelve Asanas: Standing Forward Bend, Triangle



Steven Weiss

“My interest is in developing and refining the principles of yoga alignment into a universal, easily applied system that can be used by every student in every style of practice. When practiced with the awareness of alignment, asanas are revitalizing and provide great therapeutic.

Learn some of the subtle yet essential alignment principles which provide harmony with the body’s function and design. Understanding the intention to utilize these principles will allow your practice to deepen and advance with safety.”



Steven Weiss, DC, C-IAYT is a holistic chiropractor and nutritionist, yoga therapist and yoga teacher with over 35 years of professional and yoga practice experience.

Video: Principles of Asana Alignment (auf Englisch)


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