Ayurveda Nutrition Essentials

Ayurveda Nutrition Essentials

Sat., 22 May 2021 – Sun., 30 May 2021
11:30 AM - 1:00 PM (CET)

Live Online Course with S. K. Kamlesh, Ayurveda Acharya


Saturdays & Sundays


With anatomical details, practical advice and home remedies. Learn how to make simple and achievable lifestyle improvements.


The online course will be taught in English with translation into German, French and Spanish.


Shanti K Kamlesh

Shanti Kumar Kamlesh

is a 7th-generation Ayurveda Master. He graduated from Nagarjun Ayurvedic College in Lucknow, and has been teaching the fundamentals of the Ayurveda science of life, Ayurvedic cooking classes, and giving personal health consultations for over 40 years.

Mr Kamlesh has been visiting the Sivananda Yoga Centers for many years.


Part TWO

Saturday May 22nd 

  • How to prepare and cook beans and lentils for easy digestion without getting gas

Sunday May 23rd  

  • How to prepare and cook different vegetables and fruits,

Saturday May 29th

  • The health benefits of common Indian and Western spices and how to use them

Sunday May 30th  

  • The Importance of fats and the use of ghee, butter, and oils



Upon registration you will be directed to the international credit card payment system "Stripe". Once the payment has been accepted, you will receive an email acknowledgement with the link to the online course.


Part TWO: 22 May - 30 May 2021

€ 54.00