Live Online Course: Hatha Yoga Inspirations

Live Online Course: Hatha Yoga Inspirations

Tue., 16 February 2021 – Tue., 9 March 2021
6:00 PM - 7:30 PM

Dynamic Body-Mind Visualization

Inspiration from yoga literature and a practical part with a focus on an asana sequence or a pranayama exercise.


4 units on Tuesdays


for intermediate to advanced practitioners, with Swami Sivadasananda


39 €


This online course combines

30 minutes study of scriptural study with

45 minutes of simple practice of asana and pranayama

15 minutes questions and answers


You will be able to ask questions via chat or over the microphone. The practice part will focus on either one asana sequence or one pranayama exercise, supported and balanced by other elements of the basic Sivananda class.



16th of February

Oxygen and Prana

Nutrients have to be oxidized in order to obtain muscle contraction.  Breathing and food always go together. Just like an oil lamp. The lamp will burn only as long as there is oxygen. Heat and light are released. In a car engine, air and gas are mixed in the carburetor and pumped into the engine’s compression chambers, where the spark then causes the ignition. Without air, gasoline has no meaning. In the same way you can eat the best food, but without breathing, nutrition is meaningless. Many people think they only have to eat food and the rest will take care of itself. Food itself is not sufficient if there is no oxygen. Then the food itself becomes poison. Oxygen is carried to the blood stream for the function of individual cells. Prana is carried throughout the body as a whole unit. That is the difference between prana and oxygen. Both pranic currents and oxygen are involved in breathing exercises.

Lecture excerpt by Swami Vishnudevananda


23rd of February


The purpose of the yogic cleansing exercises is to assist nature in removing waste products. The yogi regards his body as a vehicle in which he is evolving toward higher consciousness. To run smoothly, this vehicle must be cleansed both internally and externally – just as we wash our hands, we should also keep the internal passageways clean.

Fire Purification: Agni Sāra
In a standing position, place the hands firmly on the thighs, legs apart, knees bent. Bend slightly forward. Forcefully exhale. Draw the navel and intestines upwards, so that the abdomen rests against the back of the body high in the thoracic cavity. Without inhaling, relax the abdominal muscles and draw them in again in quick succession. Do 5 – 10 pumpings in this manner. This is one round. Practice 3 – 5 rounds daily. When you feel the urge to inhale, stop the pumpings, relax the abdomen, and then slowly start the inhalation.

Shat Kriyas, according to the Hatha Yoga Pradipika


2nd of March

Integration of the Karma Indriyas or organs of actions

hands (and arms) – allow the position of the spine
feet (and legs) – allow the position of the spine
mouth – repeating a mantra mentally
organs of reproduction – union of prana and apana
organs of elimination – union of prana and apana

The three Bodies of Man, according to Tattva Bodha of Adi Sankaracharya



9th of March

Integration of the Jnana Indriyas or organs of knowledge
seeing– focus on ajna chakra during pranayama
hearing– hearing a mantra mentally
smelling – subordinate to other sensory experiences
tasting–subordinate to other sensory experiences
touching – sense of touch on all levels of the asana practice; refined sense of touch in pranayama

The three Bodies of Man, according to Tattva Bodha of Adi Sankaracharya



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4 sessions à 90 minutes

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