Live Online Course: Hatha Yoga Inspirations

Live Online Course: Hatha Yoga Inspirations

Tue., 8 June 2021 – Tue., 29 June 2021
6:00 PM - 7:30 PM (CET)

Nature’s Laws in the Asana




Tuesday 8th of June

Tuesday 15th of June

Monday 21st of June

Tuesday 29th of June




for intermediate to advanced practitioners,


with Swami Sivadasananda



This online course combines
30 minutes of presentation of body mechanics and hatha yoga theory
45 minutes of simple practice of asana and pranayama
15 minutes questions and answers



Tuesday 8th of June             Anabolism & Catabolism

  • Birth, youth and death – the triangle of life
  • Slowing down cell degeneration
  • Healthy body – strong mind



Tuesday 15th of June           Gravity

  • The law of attraction of two masses
  • The power of gravity of planet earth
  • Losing or gaining energy – gravity tuning in the asana



Monday 21st of June          Atmospheric Pressure

  • Air pressure, gravity and their effect on breathing
  • Vital capacity, expanding your lungs
  • Breath holding with comfort and ease



Tuesday 15th of June           Homeostasis

  • Understanding the relative constancy of the body’s internal environment
  • Balancing your sympathetic and parasympathetic nerve impulses
  • Remaining balanced in the pairs of opposites


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