Live Online Course: Raja Yoga – a vision of Freedom

Live Online Course: Raja Yoga – a vision of Freedom

Sat., 29 January 2022 – Sun., 6 February 2022
6:00 PM - 8:00 PM (CET)

with Prof. Marilyn Rossner


Meditation holds the key to the most priceless treasure man can own – intuitive wisdom. It gives purpose to life and leads to inner Freedom.

In four practical interactive sessions, Prof. Marilyn Rossner will present classical meditation teachings from the Yoga Sutras. Her presentation is based on her over 5 decades of personal meditation practice, her academic work in special education and her natural gift of intuitional insight.


English, with simultaneous translation into German, French and Spanish


Saturday 29th January

Meditation and our own Thought World

  • why meditate?
  • different states of mind and typical thought waves
  • peace is our true nature


Sunday 30th of January

The Positive Psychology of the Yamas and Niyamas

  • living in harmony with the world around us
  • the process of self-purification
  • inner and outer guidance


Saturday 5th of February

How to overcome Harmful Thoughts

  • mental alertness
  • new mental habits for spiritual growth
  • our thinking creates karma


Sunday 6th of February

Clearing the Mind

  • the higher senses
  • light beyond sorrow
  • knowledge gained in dreams



Course fee

Early bird till 23rd of January: 70€

After the 23rd of January: 79€


Free introductory session 22 January


Marilyn Rossner

Prof. Marilyn Rossner has the gift of intuitive vision since an early age. She is a retired Professor of Special Education, Behavioral Therapist, Special Educator and Yoga Therapist. Prof. Marilyn Rossner is co-founder of the International Institute of Integral Human Sciences in Montreal, Canada. Her teaching is based on close to 60 years of personal practice of yoga and meditation.



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