Live Online Course: Relax Deeply

Live Online Course: Relax Deeply

Wed., 12 January 2022 – Wed., 2 February 2022
6:00 PM - 7:30 PM (CET)

Relaxation is a gift of nature for better health, vitality and peace of mind

With Swami Ramapriyananda


In four sessions we combine some theory, a short asana practice and detailed relaxation exercises. Finally, we go into mental relaxation with a meditation exercise.


English with simultaneous German translation


Yoga describes the body and the mind as five sheaths (koshas) that veil the soul.

In this course we will learn about relaxation and awareness exercises for each kosha.


January 12th

  • The physical sheath (annamaya kosha)
  • The effect of the asanas on joints, muscles and connective tissue
  • Deep relaxation with a focus on proprioception (deep body perception)
  • Awareness exercise: Mindful Chewing
  • Meditation theme: body awareness while sitting


January 19th

  • The energy body (pranamaya kosha)
  • More awareness through digital minimalism
  • From asanas to pranayama
  • Deep relaxation with focus on the energy body
  • Meditation theme: Prana – the universal principle of energy and power


January 26th

  • The mental sheath (manomaya kosha)
  • Concentrated holding of the asanas
  • Deep relaxation with focus on the subconscious mind
  • Meditation theme: serenity


February 2nd

  • The intellectual sheath (vijnanamaya kosha)
  • Conscious use of discrimination
  • Precision in the asana
  • Deep relaxation with focus on intuition
  • Meditation theme: The blissful body (anandamaya kosha) and the real self


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