Live Online Course: Relax Deeply

Live Online Course: Relax Deeply

Wed., 9 February 2022 – Wed., 2 March 2022
6:00 PM - 7:30 PM (CET)

Relaxation is a gift of Mother Nature for better health, vitality and inner peace


With Swami Ramapriyananda


In four units we combine some theory with a short asana sequence and deep guided relaxation. The session concludes with mental relaxation through easy meditations.


The five senses

We perceive the world around us through our five organs of perception which are sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell.

Without them we would not be aware of the physical world. Each of these senses is also related to one of the five elements: Ether, Air, Fire, Water and Earth. In this class we will explore how we can experience deeper levels of relaxation through conscious use of the senses.


Class 1, 9.2.

  • A calming exercise to begin
  • Explanation of
    – Yoga and the five senses
    – Connection between eyes – element fire and the action of walking
  • Together we use the eye bath with rose water (application from Ayurveda)
  • Gentle asana practice with focus on eye exercises and exercises for the legs
  • Deep relaxation with focus on eye relaxation
  • Meditation topic: Gazing exercise (Tratakam) on the beauty of physical forms


Class 2, 16.2.

  • Short relaxation at the beginning
  • Connection of ears, listening, element ether and sound
  • Ear care from Ayurveda
  • Deeply relaxing asana practice with focus on inner space
  • Deep relaxation with mantras
  • Meditation theme: Silence – the music of the soul


Class 3, 23.2.

  • At the beginning: Exercise to pause for a moment
  • Explanation of the sensory organ nose, element earth and stability
  • The practice of Neti (cleansing the nose)
  • Asanas with focus on stability and relaxation
  • Deep relaxation with focus on the immune system
  • Meditation on peace


Class 4, 3.3.

  • At the beginning: inner alignment
  • Explanation of the sensory organ tongue, sense of taste and the element water
  • Digestive recipes
  • Gentle asana practice with focus on hips and pelvis
  • Grounding deep relaxation
  • Meditation on the symbol of the mantra OM



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