Live Online Course: Spiritualizing Everyday Life


Inspiring advice from Swami Sivananda´s the text "Sadhana Tattwa" and how to put them into practice in daily life.
Live Online Course: Spiritualizing Everyday Life

Tue., 11 May 2021 – Tue., 1 June 2021
4:00 PM - 5:30 PM (CET)

Inspiring advice from Swami Sivananda


4x Tuesday


Swami Sivananda’s teachings for daily yoga practice are simple and profound. During the course we will read from Swami Sivanandas text “Sadhana Tattwa”, where he gives many hints for a yogic lifestyle. We will work out how to put them into practice in daily life.


“An ounce of practice is better than tons of theory” – Swami Sivananda


In English with translation into German and French


With Swami Gokulananda


Each unit includes

  • 30 minutes of asanas, pranayama, meditation or mantra singing
  • 30 minutes of text study and lecture
  • 30 minutes of question and answer


May 11th

  • Step by step to yogic nutrition
  • Proper diet in yoga


May 18 th

  • Asanas and sports: differences and similarities
  • Short asana and pranayama sequences for daily practice


May 25 th

  • Silence – a classical yogic practice
  • Control of the senses for more energy


June 1st

  • Conscious use of language in everyday life
  • Forget and forgive, adapt, adjust, accommodate.


The participants will receive digital course material.



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