Live Online Course: Creative visualisations and positive affirmations

Live Online Course: Creative visualisations and positive affirmations

Fri., 1 October 2021 – Fri., 22 October 2021
6:00 PM - 7:30 PM (CET)

Creative visualisations and positive affirmations: practical tools for concentration and peace of mind


with Swami Bhagavatananda



Although silent meditation on a Lakshya (meditation object) is the main meditation method for a yoga practitioner, guided meditations are helpful to support concentration and develop positive thought patterns through affirmations and visualisations.


Each class of this course consists of multiple guided exercises and a lecture on selected aspects of positive thinking.



Class 1

Lecture: meditation and life style


  • Meditative chanting of Sanskrit mantras
  • chanting and meditation on OM
  • Guided meditation on a flower
  • Contemplation on gratitude to overcome excessive desires


Class 2

Lecture: how to develop willpower


  • Tratak: gazing on a candle flame
  • affirmations to develop perseverance and willpower
  • chanting and meditation on the vedantic mantra Soham and its meaning


Class 3

Lecture: how to transform emotions and attachments into pure love


  • contemplation on courage to overcome fear
  • positive affirmations to develop unconditional love
  • guided meditation on how to adapt happily to the flow of life
  • recitation of mantras for pure love and devotion


Class 4

Lecture: the five senses in relation to our thoughts– recipes for a peaceful mind


  • vedantic meditation on the cosmic form
  • chanting and meditation of the Shakti mantra of the triple aspect of the Divine Mother for a strong body and mind
  • Kevala Kumbhaka: breath meditation




Handouts of the practical exercises will be made available.

Course language: English


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