Live Online Course: Siva’s Wisdom

Live Online Course: Siva’s Wisdom

Thu., 4 March 2021 – Thu., 25 March 2021
6:00 PM - 7:30 PM

The universe – the time – your life. Expand your perspectives with timeless texts from the Siva Purana


With Swami Bhagavatananda


4 x Thursday


In English with translation into German and French


€ 39


In the second course on the ancient Yogic scripture of the Siva Purana we will continue to explore the power of spiritual transformation as represented by Lord Siva. This course will focus on stories about devotees of Lord Siva as well as Siva’s „family“. Siva’s family consists of his consort Shakti or Durga, the cosmic energy and his sons Ganesha, Subramanya and Ayappa, who symbolize respectively the power to overcome obstacles, destroy negativity and live in harmony and peace with everyone.

Besides stories and wisdom teachings, this course will also include the chanting of the sacred mantra „Om Namah Sivaya“ and the Siva Panchakshara Stotram by the great philosopher Shankaracharya.


This course is open to everyone interested in drawing inspiration from the sacred scripture of the Siva Purana. You are welcome to join, even if you did not participate in part one.



4 March

Siva and Shakti – God and world.

For a yogi, the world is permeated by cosmic consciousness and all manifestations are just different forms of the Divine. This aspect is represented in the Siva Purana as Shakti, the consort of Lord Siva, As the cosmic mother she brings the universe into being, sustains it, dissolves it and renews it. We will hear inspiring stories of various manifestations of the Divine Mother of the universe and explore their meaning.


11 March

The 11th of March is the auspicious night of Sivaratri, the yearly night of Lord Siva.

During Sivaratri, worship and prayers are offered to Lord Siva and the mantra „Om Namah Sivaya“ is chanted non-stop.

We will kick off this sacred night by telling Sivaratri stories that we haven’t shared yet in the first part of the course. We will also enjoy delightful stories of great devotees of Lord Siva in order to inspire Bhakti, devotion, in ourselves.


18 march

This class is dedicated to the stories of the sons of Siva.

As the energy of transformation and positive destruction, Siva acts through different forms, represented in mythology as his sons:

  • Ganesha, the remover of obstacles – nothing works without him!
  • Subramanya, the leader of the army of angels and destroyer of negativity
  • Ayappa, the harmonius blending of Vishnu (preservation) and Siva (destruction), thus representing the golden middle path of peace and balance and oneness of different religions.

We need all three aspects to lead a fulfilled life and advance on our spiritual path!


25 March

Conclusion. In this final class we will enjoy inspiring stories from the Siva Purana we haven’t had a chance to share yet and will read some verses of the Sivanandalahari, a beautiful hymn in praise of Lord Siva, composed by the great philosopher Shankaracharya. Om Namah Sivaya!



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4 sessions à 90 minutes

€ 39.00