Live Online The Meditation Experience

Live Online The Meditation Experience

Sat., 10 April 2021 – Sat., 1 May 2021
8:00 AM - 9:30 AM (CET)

This course offers information on the workings of the mind and on obstacles to meditation. Different meditation techniques will be introduced and practiced.


In English with translation into German


With Swami Vidyananda


Saturday, April 10

– Physical and mental health as the basis for meditation

– How Pranayama supports meditation


Saturday, April 17

– Understanding the mind

– How thought waves and mental impressions influence meditation


Saturday, April 24

– The world of opposites – and obstacle to meditation

– The Self beyond names and forms


Saturday, May 01

– Limiting external perception for better meditation

– The importance of mantra repetition



Text for the course

“Paths of Yoga” by Swami Sivananda




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