Online course: Ayurveda – Treasure for Health


Six-week course with Vaidya Sreelal Sankar and Vaidya Poornima Sreelal, Ayurveda experts from Kerala, India.
Online course: Ayurveda – Treasure for Health

Sat., 11 February 2023 – Sat., 18 March 2023
9:00 AM - 10:30 AM (CET)

With Vaidya Sreelal Sankar and Vaidya Poornima Sreelal, Ayurveda experts from Kerala, India

Ayurveda enables individualized healthy nutrition and a balanced lifestyle for everyone and for all ages. This course offers a general introduction with practical examples and time for questions and answers.


11 February 2023

Ayurvedic concepts on body’s homeostasis

  • Healing properties of Pancha Bhuta, the five elements – Understanding five elements and how to use its properties for the optimal health.
  • Factors for proper homeostasis – Hithahara – Optimised diet, Hita vihara – optimal activity, Hita mana – proper mindset.

18 February 2023

Hita ahara – Healthy food for your body.

  • How to select individualised food? Understanding basics of individual dietetics.
  • What to eat on a daily basis? Choosing the right nutrients and timings for food
  • When to eat? For getting optimum nutrient absorption.

25 February 2023

Hita vihara – Daily routine

  • Elaborating on Dinacharya – daily routines mentioned in the Ayurvedic texts for improving health.

4 March 2023

Hita mana – Mind management to lead a healthy life

  • The Ayurvedic concepts on mind
  • Achara Rasayana – The social and behavioural guidelines one need to follow to have a healthier body.

11 March 2023

An overview on general disease classifications and different treatment approaches in Ayurveda

  • Ayurvedic view on diseases.
  • Classification of different treatment approaches and its logic.
  • Sodana chikithsa – Over view on detox and treatments, different Panchakarma procedures.
  • Samana Chikithsa – alleviating care through medications, external treatments like oil massage, Abhyanga, Kizhi, etc.

18 March 2023

Seasonal detox – For improving health span

  • Seasonal detox – the significance and purpose.
  • Who all can do seasonal detox?
  • Some common procedures for doing detox from home.


Vaidya Sreelal Sankar

Dr. Sreelal Sankar was born in a traditional Ayurveda practitioner’s family in Kerala. Apart from clinical practice, because of his analytical approach, he’s interested in applying IT in Ayurveda. He did his post-graduate work in bioinformatics.

Vaidya Poornima Sreelal

Dr. Poornima Sreelal is a leading Ayurvedic dietary consultant. She comes from a traditional healer’s family. After her graduation in Ayurveda, she specialized in Clinical nutrition and dietetics. She works on applied nutrition for curative purposes.


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