Online session: Life after Life

Online session: Life after Life

Sat., 16 January 2021
6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

An introductory session, free of charge


  • The journey of the soul after Death
  • Yoga, the physical body and the astral body


Question and Answers with Prof. Marilyn Rossner, Montreal


See also the online course “The Eternal Journey of the Soul, On Earth as it is in Heaven” with Prof. Marilyn Rossner



Marilyn Rossner

Prof. Marilyn Rossner has the gift of intuitive vision since an early age. She is a retired Professor of Special Education, Behavioral Therapist, Special Educator and Yoga Therapist. Prof. Marilyn Rossner is co-founder of the International Institute of Integral Human Sciences in Montreal, Canada. Her teaching is based on close to 60 years of personal practice of yoga and meditation.




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