Navaratri Online

The Nine Nights of the Divine Mother

Tuning to Mother Nature

Online Spiritual Ceremony

15 – 24 October 2023
With a South Indian priest
Participation free of charge

The nine days of Navaratri are an opportunity to tune to the gifts of Mother Nature.

The Power of Nature is contemplated in three different aspects:

  • The transformative aspect for the elimination of negative thoughts (“Durga”)
  • The preservative aspect to cultivate new positive thoughts (“Lakshmi”)
  • The creative aspect of knowledge and wisdom (“Saraswati”)

The ceremonies (pujas) are practical visualizations to connect to these powers of nature, physically, mentally and spiritually. They are accompanied by mantras, recitations and readings from Vedic scriptures (Devi Mahatmyam).

Navaratri Pujas

Temple ceremonies
Priester Tempel Meditation

Pujas for the transformative aspect (“Durga”)

Sunday, 15 October at 8 pm

Monday, 16 October at 8 pm

Tuesday, 17 October at 8 pm

Pujas for the perservative aspect (“Lakshmi”)

Wednesday, 18 October at 8 pm

Thursday, 19 October at 8 pm

Friday, 20 October at 8 pm

Pujas for the creative aspect (“Saraswati”)

Saturday, 21 October at 8 pm

Sunday, 22 October at 8 pm

Monday, 23 October at 8 pm

Vijaya Dasami (“Day of Victory”)

Tuesday, 24 October at 6 am


Please register for the live group meditation. Then you will receive an e-mail with the link for the Navaratri pujas.

If you are already registered for the meditations, no further registration is required.

Mother Nature
“The whole world is her body.
Mountains are her bones.
Rivers are her veins.
Ocean is her bladder.
The sun and the moon are her eyes.
Wind is her breath.
Fire is her mouth.
The five elements and their combinations are the external manifestations of Mother Nature.
Intelligence, discrimination, psychic power, and will are her internal manifestations.
Humanity is her visible form.”
– Swami Sivananda