Integral development of body, mind & spirit


A combination of the following four practices or paths leads to the harmonious development of the physical, emotional and intellectual aspects of life.


Hatha and Raja Yoga

Control of body and mind

Here the focus lies on the balance and control of body and mind. Asanas (postures), pranayama (breathing exercises) and silent meditation are the most well-known practices. As the practice intensifies, the physical and mental energies become more subtle and one finds inner balance.

It is especially suitable for people who strive for inner and outer change.

Karma Yoga

The path of action

Selfless action, without thinking about possible success or failure. Karma Yoga serves to purify the heart and lessens the influence of the ego on words, deeds and relationships.

It is well suited to active, extroverted people.

  • “Human beings are a complex mix of willing, feeling and thinking. A one-sided development is not advisable. Yoga should develop the whole person – the hand, heart and head.”
    ~ Swami Sivananda

Bhakti Yoga

The path of devotion

Surrender to the Divine through prayer, rituals and mantra chanting. A path that develops more love towards all beings.

It appeals particularly to people who are more emotional.

Jnana Yoga

The path of wisdom

It begins with the study of the scriptures of Vedanta philosophy. By analysing human nature, one ultimately learns to recognize the Supreme Self in oneself and in all creatures.

This path is especially suitable for intellectual people.