We would like to inform you about the current measures and regulations relating to entry, stay and departure for your Yoga Holidays in Mittersill, Hohe Tauern, Austria.


Updated May 17, 2021


Before the day of arrival


Our GUESTS FROM AUSTRIA please note:

  • For the day of arrival we ask you to do an antigen test. These are valid for 48 hours.
  • If you stay longer than 2 nights, we ask you to get free self-tests with QR code in your pharmacy in your home town. The self-tests must be repeated every 24 hours and will be registered by the Red Cross App.
  • Those who do not bring self-tests can register with the Austrian social security number for a test in the National Park Center Mittersill (due to high demand there may be a shortage of appointments, please register in advance at
  • www.salzburg-testet.at) .



  • Entry is possible without quarantine!
  • Please make a timely guest registration for entry. You can find the link here.
  • Regarding the free self-tests to take with you, we ask you to inquire at your trusted pharmacy. This depends on the pharmacies and federal states / cantons.
  • For all guests without self-tests, the state of Salzburg is planning to provide self-tests for hotels. The details are still being worked out.


The following applies to all of our guests:

The test obligation does not apply to the following persons, taking into account the following conditions:


Vaccinated persons:

  • First vaccination is valid as evidence from the 22nd day and is then valid for three months from vaccination as evidence of admissions or for nine months if you already had COVID-19 21 days before the first vaccination.
  • Second vaccination is valid for nine months from the first vaccination as evidence.
  • In the case of vaccinations when only one vaccination is planned, this is valid as evidence from the 22nd day, and is then valid for nine months from the vaccination as evidence for admission.


Recovered persons:

  • Separation notice or proof of recovery, if this was issued for a person who was proven to have been ill with SARS-CoV-2 in the last six months before the planned test.
  • Medical confirmation of an infection that has occurred in the last six months and has currently expired, molecular-biologically confirmed.
  • Proof of neutralizing antibodies (antibody test), which must not be older than three months.



During the stay


On the day of arrival we try to organize everything as smoothly as possible – you will receive an information sheet where you have to fill out your Covid status.


Testing rules:

  • Self-test (valid for 24 hours)
  • Antigen test (valid for 48 hours)
  • PCR test (valid for 72 hours)


  • If the test expires during the stay, a new test must be done.
  • We recommend bringing free tests with you from home if you can.
  • It is expected that there will be 24-hour rapid tests at the reception for a small fee.


And when your stay at the Sonnenberghof is over, you can travel home without a QUARANTINE: Those who have been vaccinated, recovered or tested do not have to go into quarantine if the test result is negative.



On site:


Yoga classes:

  • The use of rental mats, blankets and pillows is unfortunately not possible. Please bring your own equipment. You can also purchase it on site in the yoga shop. Please leave personal items in the room as far as possible.
  • Please wear a mask until you have laid out your own yoga mat in the yoga hall.
  • The places are marked.
  • The yoga teachers wear face masks when teaching.
  • The yoga teachers can only give verbal, but not physical corrections.
  • The Kapalabhati breathing exercise is not practiced in the halls.
  • Headstand only at your own risk, as no physical support is possible.
  • There are hand disinfectant dispensers in front of the yoga halls and platforms.


Inside, please pay particular attention to the following:

  • FFP2 Mask are compulsory when entering and leaving indoor rooms, the mask may be removed during the yoga class.
  • The spaces are marked, 2 meters distance (mandatory distance for fixed groups). The distance rule can be fallen short of “for a short time”.
  • If you stay in the halls after the class, please consider the distance and wear a mask.


Outside, please pay particular attention to the following:

  • During the outdoor yoga classes, only a minimum distance of 2 meters must be observed.



Lectures and meditations:

  • Several times a week there will be meditative walks instead of sitting meditations.
  • Please bring your own yoga mat, blanket and pillow with you to the meditations and lectures.
  • Please let us know if you need a chair.
  • Please wear a mask during the lectures.


Pay particular attention inside:

  • The places are marked, 2 meters apart, FFP2 mask must be worn


Pay particular attention outside:

  • 2 meters distance to each other




Please consider the minimum distance of 2 meters when walking.




  • The halls are systematically ventilated. Please bring warm clothing.




  • Please do not come to stay with symptoms of illness (fever, sore throat, difficulty breathing / shortness of breath, cough and / or taste disorders).
  • Participation in the activities is no longer possible if you have a cold on site. Please contact the Retreat House management immediately so that the officially prescribed steps can be taken.
  • Please wash your hands thoroughly with soap after and before all activities and also use the hand disinfectant dispensers, which are available at the entrance to all activities.
  • If you have the urge to cough or sneeze, please leave the classroom immediately and observe the generally known cough and sneeze etiquette.




Yoga shop

  • You will find a small selection of items from our Yoga Shop on-site.


Concerning the conditions for hotel accommodation and hotel catering please contact the Hotel Sonnenberghof directly:

tel:+4365628311, mailto:info@sonnberghof.at