Yoga vacation themes in Pill, Tyrol

An interesting theme every week

You can plan your yoga vacation around the dates that suit you and stay as long as you like. On Saturdays and Sundays, the main focus is on rest and regeneration. The vacation theme is presented in an introductory lecture or workshop. During the week we take time to explore the theme and apply it in practice. This includes tips on further reading and how to practise at home.

Yoga and Mountain Magic

A yoga and hiking vacation in the Tyrolean Alps offers both active recreation and a pleasant escape from our hectic lives.

Daily hikes in the surrounding Alpine landscape. Spend time with like-minded people and combine active exercise in pure mountain air with your yoga and meditation practice.

The choice of destination for our excursion depends on the number of participants, the weather and on how many autos are available for getting there.

Yoga – Wellness and Relaxation

Yoga – Wellness & Relaxation

Gentle stretching, quiet moments and mentally letting go during the yoga classes.

All-Round Health with Yoga

All-Round Health with Yoga

Health for body, mind and soul.

In Harmony with Body and Mind

In Harmony with Body and Mind

Reading one’s own body as a living yoga book. Regular practice opens one chapter after another.

Yoga Lifestyle

Yoga Lifestyle

Asanas, breathing and relaxation are developed step by step in yoga classes and workshops.

Meditation – In Harmony with Yourself

Meditation – In Harmony with Yourself

Scientific studies have shown that meditation improves self-perception, memory and empathy.

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