Conditions for participation

To get the full benefits of your yoga practice, please heed the following:

  1. We ask you to attend the morning and evening meditation sessions and two yoga classes. The lecture in the afternoon is optional.
  2. Black tea, coffee, meat, fish, eggs, onions, garlic, alcohol, cigarettes and drugs are strictly prohibited during your stay.
  3. Please help maintain the peace and purity in the meditation room.
  4. Please wear loose, modest clothing – no tights. Nudity is forbidden. Only spiritual books and pictures are permitted.
  5. Important!! Please don’t step in to the fields or the pastures, stay on the path in the forest and don’t make any fires.
  6. The Retreat House is not responsible for any loss of valuables.
  7. Loud music, cooking, candles and incense are not permitted in the hotel/guesthouse rooms.
  8. One hour daily community service (Karma Yoga) such as gardening, maintenance, organising etc. would be greatly appreciated.
  9. Full payment for your stay is due on arrival.

I hereby declare that I have read the rules of the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Retreat House stipulated below, that I will adhere to these rules and that I will be present at all activities.

I take full responsibility for myself and for my personal property. The decision to participate in the activities is exclusively my own and I do so on my own responsibility.

I further declare that I will not hold the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Retreat House liable for any injuries, damage or loss that may result from my participation in the activities. I am in good health and have no illnesses or preconditions that prevent me from practising the asana and pranayama exercises. Furthermore, I acknowledge that I perform all exercises at my own risk and on my own responsibility and that I can omit or discontinue exercises at any time if I so desire.

Cancellation and withdrawal policy

The following fees will apply:

For yoga (without accommodation):
More than 21 days before the beginning of the programme: 10%
Within 21 days of the beginning of the course: 30%

If you would like to change your booking to another programme organized by the Retreat House in Reith, a rebooking fee of 50€ will be charged for the yoga part.

For the hotel:
Up to 12 weeks before arrival date: no cancellation fee
Up to 4 weeks before arrival date: 40%
Up to 1 week before arrival date: 70%
Within 7 days of the arrival date: 90%
The hotel cancellation fee may be reduced to the extent that the room/bed can be allocated to a new participant.

In case of early departure from the programme, the following cancellation fees apply:
For yoga: no refund
For the hotel: 70%
The hotel cancellation fees may be reduced to the extent that the room/bed can be allocated to a new participant. You must vacate your room by 11am. Otherwise 100% of the cancellation fee will be charged for this day.

Information regarding the Austrian Distance and Off-Premises Contract Act (FAGG)

According to § 18 Subsection 1 Z 10 FAGG, your 14 days right of withdrawal does not apply to this contract as it concerns the provision of accommodation other than for residential purposes and/or catering or services related to leisure activities and the contract provides for a specific date or period of performance.