Yoga vacation themes
in Reith, Tyrol, Austria

An interesting theme every week

You can plan your yoga vacation around the dates that suit you and stay as long as you like. On Saturdays and Sundays, the main focus is on rest and regeneration. The vacation theme is presented in an introductory lecture or workshop. During the week we take time to explore the theme and apply it in practice. This includes tips on further reading and how to practise at home.

Yoga and Mountain Magic

With hikes in the Kitzbühel Alps.
Several approx. 2-hour hikes with like-minded people are complemented by daily yoga classes and meditation sessions.
We will go on excursions to the most beautiful corners of the region:

Yoga Vacation Light

Relaxing yoga weekend at the Retreat House.

Sivananda Beginner’s Guide to Yoga

Introductory workshops and lectures on holistic health with yoga.

Yoga Fitness

Mobility and a healthy circulation with yoga.


Inspiration for the daily yoga practice at home.

Yoga Workshop Days

Explanation and practice of the most important elements of yoga.

Asanas – Strength & Flexibility

This programme focuses on strengthening body and mind for all-round health.

Expand Your Asanas

The in-depth practice of yoga asanas leads to an entirely new body feeling.

Yoga and Vital Energy

Breathing with more awareness taps new energy reserves.

Healthy Spine

The 12 basic postures and variations are preventive care for the entire back.

Asana Variations for Everybody

Dynamic asana classes and workshops set vital energy in motion.

Introduction to the Yoga Teachers’ Training Course

Information on all aspects of the course.

Yoga Vitality Week

Vitality through systematic relaxation, conscious breathing and a yogic diet.

Yoga Lifestyle

Bringing relaxation, awareness and concentration from the yoga mat into daily life.

Yoga Relaxation Days

Take the time to experience moments of deep relaxation.

Yoga – An Inner Path

Experience the profound stillness beyond the agitated surface of one’s own thoughts.

In Peace Lies Strength

Relaxation and natural concentration through asanas and meditation.

Introduction to Meditation

Experience the positive effects of meditation on the mind, nerves and the senses.

The Meditation Experience

A guide to the physical, mental and philosophical foundations of meditation.

Yoga and Thought Power

The world of thoughts and creative life management.

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