Selfless action

Yoga has thrived in India for thousands of years, having been passed down from generation to generation in the spirit of Karma Yoga (selfless service to others). This dynamic force has been the backbone of all activities of the Sivananda Yoga Centres since their foundation 50 years ago.


The Sivananda Yoga Centres and Ashrams are peaceful oases for intensive yoga practice, open to interested people from all walks of life.

Karma Yoga

Study and voluntary work

Discover the joy of serving other people out of a purely selfless motivation, of accepting each task with enthusiasm and performing it to the best of one’s ability. This is a wonderful aid in developing more self-discipline and will-power, opening the heart and growing spiritually.


2 weeks minimum
5 – 6 hours of volunteer service daily.
Prerequisite: Sivananda Yoga Teachers‘ Training Course.

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Prerequisite: completed Sivananda Yoga Teachers‘ Training Course.


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in House Ganga


“Only in ashrams can  students really start on the spiritual path, do  intense sadhana, and  get into the vibration.”
~ Swami  Vishnudevananda

Many of our yoga teacher training graduates, as well as many yoga guests, have expressed a long-held desire for a community house, for an ashram environment.
House Ganga opened its doors in the summer of 2017. It is an oasis for volunteers, staff, guest speakers and occasionally for retreat participants.