Reith near Kitzbühel, Tyrol, Austria

You are welcome to spend your yoga vacation with us and stay as long as you wish. We recommend that you stay several days in order to have time to learn, step by step, all aspects of yoga.


Yoga vacation in the Alps


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Daily rate for yoga: €51

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Get inspiration from lectures on health, nutrition, meditation and philosophy or in seminars and further trainings.

The yogic lifestyle

Today there is no doubt even in the West about the healing and preventive benefits of yoga.
This holistic lifestyle helps relieve stress, increase lung capacity, reduce body weight, as well as regenerating and stabilising all body systems.
Yoga brings body and mind gently into balance with the laws of nature and provides higher values in life.
Anyone can practice yoga, regardless of age, culture or religion.
Experience the regeneration of body, mind and spirit and discover for yourself how much healthy and relaxed you become.
Come alone, with a friend or with your family.

New to yoga?

First-time visitors to the Sivananda Yoga Retreat House are given an introduction to the basic principles of the yoga practice, meditation, the philosophical aspects of yoga and the yoga vacation schedule.

Yoga classes

The morning and afternoon yoga asana classes consist of breathing exercises, sun salutation, basic postures, variations and deep relaxation under the guidance of an experienced instructor. Individual corrections and detailed instructions allow participants to perform the exercises safely and in a relaxed manner, enhancing flexibility and mobility.

Newcomers and ‘rusty’ students are encouraged to practise simple variations of the basic poses. Special guidance is available for those with back problems or other health conditions such as general fatigue. Advanced participants are encouraged to try classical variations and hold the poses longer.

Weather permitting, the yoga classes are held outside under large sun shades on our beautiful cedar platform, which affords a spectacular view of the Wild Kaiser mountain range.

Silent walks

The guided silent walks at the Retreat House offer moments to treasure – the gentle rising and setting of the sun, the various phases of the moon, the hidden beauties of the valley, the panoramic view of the Wild Kaiser and Hohe Tauern mountains, the songs of many bird species, the variety of trees, bushes and medicinal plants along the footpath.

The breath deepens, body and mind relax, the flexibility of the joints increases, the senses regenerate and expand and the mind rediscovers natural contentment and peace.

Lectures and workshops

Let yourself be inspired by a variety of lectures and workshops:


The topics include the health benefits of yoga, breathing, relaxation and stress management, diet, Ayurveda, positive thinking, concentration and meditation, the four yoga paths, yoga philosophy and yogic scriptures, and much more. You have the opportunity to deepen your knowledge of the vacation theme through PowerPoint presentations and recommended reading as well as in one-on-one talks.


The morning and evening meditation sessions are the most peaceful hours at the Retreat House. The practical guidance for positive thinking and mental relaxation combined with concentration exercises gradually lead to inner peace. The chanting of Sanskrit mantras (healing and energising sound sequences) deepens the experience of peace. A reading from yoga texts gives inspiring insights into yoga philosophy and psychology.

The vegetarian diet

Light, nutritious and freshly prepared meals are an integral part of the yoga vacation. The Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centres’ many years of experience in both East and West have gone into the development of menus which provide a more balanced nutrient intake, increased vitality and better digestion. Meals are served buffet-style and are made from fresh, organic ingredients using only pure oils. During your stay you will enjoy a variety of whole grains, carefully cooked vegetables, a nice variety of side salads, expertly prepared pulses, dairy products from the best organic dairy farms in Tyrol, home-made bread, jams and stewed fruits as well as imaginative desserts.

In regular cooking theory workshops you can learn vegetarian alternatives for promoting physical and mental well-being: a variety of recipes for busy people, energy-giving breakfast ideas and light dinners. You’ll learn how to make healthy, fresh and energising meals at home in no time.


English-speaking guests are welcome throughout the year. Yoga classes are taught in both English and German and all lectures in German are translated simultaneously into English via wireless headphones.

Donate some time

The community feeling in the Retreat House is based on ‘voluntary service’. All staff teach and work on a volunteer basis. You can also lend a hand if you like. Volunteering creates a cheerful atmosphere. You meet other people and develop a positive motivation for your actions.

Helpful information

The Retreat House is a vegetarian, non-smoking and alcohol-free environment.


To gain the greatest benefit from your yoga stay it is necessary to participate in all activities. Participation in the afternoon lecture/workshop is optional.


Silence should be observed between 10 pm and 6 am to allow for sound sleep.


Each person is responsible for their own possessions and valuables; there is no possibility of depositing things in a safe.


Cancellations with or without notice may occur which are out of the Retreat House's control.
The Retreat House is not liable for cancellations or programme changes. Please check this website or call before registration: +43 5356 67 404