Daily schedule

6:00 am

Morning meditation, mantra chanting, lecture

Begin the day in the deep peace of morning meditation. Find inspiration in the mantra chanting and a spiritual reading.


8:00 am

Asanas and pranayama

The first yoga class awaits you, with energising yoga poses and breathing exercises.


10:00 am

Vegetarian brunch

Enjoy the delicious meal with friendly guests from around the world.


11 am

Karma Yoga (selfless service)


Noon – 4:00 pm

Workshop, lecture or free time

Afterwards, there is time for a sauna, a massage, a walk along one of the hiking trails or sit back and read a book on the sunny terrace. Maybe you'd like to help out a little in the Retreat House, or perhaps talk with one of the senior yoga instructors.


4:00 pm

Asanas and pranayama

The second yoga class begins. Feel your body becoming more flexible, your breath calmer and your mind clearer.


6:00 pm

Vegetarian dinner

The nutritious dinner awaits you.


7:30 – 9:00 pm

Evening meditation, mantra chanting, lecture

Round off the day with a silent evening meditation and mantra chanting followed by an interesting lecture, guest speaker or cultural programme. You may like to drink some herbal tea before bedtime, take a short walk on the Retreat House hilltop and then retire early to bed.


Programmes are subject to change or cancellation.